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These are established in the pattern of CHRIST'S own lifestyle in Matthews 9v10-13, these are UNIQUE fellowships within SFF Global that are: REAL, RELATIONAL, RELEVANT, Vibrant, Musical, Worship oriented, Word dependent, alive in style, inclusive in culture, embracing ALL people, Authentic in dealing with people, Concerned for the flock, Compassionate without apology, are MISSION MINDED, Evangelism hearted, Christ Purpose Driven and Sincere in WHO we are in Christ. Mostly suitable for the un-churched and for reaching the younger/young adults generation.

They can be based in a HOUSE, PUB, RESTAURANT or CAFE type buildings and operated/managed by trained [PUBLICANS] Pastoral Care Leaders, equipped with the heart of evangelism and winning souls based on Matthew 9v10-13; Mark 2v14-18. Food is served there but there is NO ALCOHOL CONSUMPTIONS! Being in a social and culturally relevant environment does not imply loose attitude to God & Worship. Far from it! The goal is to make church relevant, accessible, friendly and inviting for people to develop a relationship with God - [See 1 Corinthians 9:19-21]


Our Cafe fellowships are called to: SAVE SOULS, EVANGELIZE, PREACH, TEACH, MINISTER, RAISE, EMPOWER, EQUIP & RELEASE Kingdom Leaders of tomorrow for the mission field. All our members are made to understand the MANDATE Christ gave in Matthew 28v19-20, Therefore, each member is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have a NATION of choice on their prayer/mission support radar from day one. We are a MISSION CHURCH NETWORK called out to raise up ministers, missionaries & evangelists and to let our CHRIST GIFTED anointing shine and used to BREAK YOKES! We are constantly encouraging the saints to go out to all nations and be a blessing.

To apply or explore setting up a cafe church, please send an email tothe Apostolic Office giving your details and expressing your plans/ interest in starting/running a Cafe Style church. Send email to: admin@sfflobal.org


1. Today's youth and young adults are a cafe addicted generation.
2. Cafes are the meeting place for today's young adults.
3. They hang out in cafes all day long and have no urge to go away.

4. Today's youth spend a lot of money in cafes without hesitation.
5. Today's Cafes provide internet, music and other stimulating entertainment that today's young adult are attracted to.
6. Your Church Cafe offer can meet the need of the youth & adults alike.
7. You can offer simple food at affordable prices on weekdays to generate income.
8. The Cafe doubles as church on Sunday and a place to hang out after church.
9. Cafe is ideal for weekly Bible studies and for meetings.
10. If it's a home Cafe church, all you need do is arrange your tables and chairs to style.
11. Cafe church has the advantage of helping to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
12. You become better enabled to reach, serve and minister to your local community more effectively.
14. Cafe churches are a great solution to today's dying churches, if you care to explore it.
15. Cafes are amazing places to inform, educate, influence, transform and renew your fellowship as well as gain new converts for the kingdom.


1. We can guide you on your choice of Cafe church model.
2. We can offer you support materials and resources for a small donation.
3. We can provide you with materials you may need to establish yourself.
4. We can offer you success tips and inform you about possible pitfalls.
5. We can help with ideas for House Cafes, High street Cafes or in house Church premises adapted to Cafe style formats and much more.


1. The Cafe church is not suited for every fellowship.
2. The Cost must be duly weighed and commercial obligations/implications may apply.
3. Home Cafe's are least costly but proper planning permission from the local authority/council may apply.
4. You should ask for more details and do your own research before starting a Cafe church.
5. SFF GLOBAL Network DOES NOT grant loans, grants or funding to help establish Cafe styled or any model of church!


Please send an email to the Apostolic Office at: admin@sffglaobal.org


The Spirit Filled Fellowship Global Church is a global network of churches, ministries, missions, bible schools and church leaders who share a common set of Christian ideals and Biblical understanding, working to spread the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST all over the earth.

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